Faith Lessons: For Christians Battling Doubt and Frustration Book + Workbook

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Are you struggling with your faith because every time you turn around you’re being smacked in the face with another setback? Are you questioning whether or not there’s even a point to being a Christian because you feel like God is nowhere around and you’re alone in your situation? Are you worried because you haven’t identified your “calling" or "purpose in life” and everyone else around you has theirs figured out? Are you battling with the same sins and temptations you’ve been fighting with for a long time and you still can’t figure out why you keep failing the test? Are you looking for a toolkit to help you journey through your faith walk that is packed with scriptures, prayers, life lessons, and faith tests?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then Faith Lessons is the book for you. Sierra McKissick talks about faith, the church, Christianity, and the struggle in a whole new way that keeps the conversation funny and lighthearted while also digging deep into your innermost thoughts, desires, and shortcomings. Faith Lessons isn’t just another “self-help” book. It is a conversation between the author and the reader that allows for transparency on a pure level.

Faith Lessons will cause you to think and then think again and then go talk to someone about what you’ve been thinking. Faith Lessons is the spark that’s needed to open up conversations about what it really means to walk the path of righteousness day in and day out. Broken down into 10 Lessons, Sierra McKissick takes you on a journey of self-reflection while also sharing her testimony and how even today she is still struggling. The journey is never over, you just grow stronger and wiser.