Coaching Programs


Duration: Unlimited // 2 hour Group Sessions
Coaching sessions are deep-dive sessions designed to advance your creative idea, brand or company's perception in the marketplace, develop brand strategies to increase revenue and ignite your passion for success.

Group sessions with Sierra McKissick*
Strategic Planning
Intimate Results Driven Coaching
Monthly Action Plan, Goal Tracker, Recap and Assignments
BIG Idea Resources and Referral List

​55** | per month
*Sessions take place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:30PM Eastern Standard Time
**PayPal or Invoice Payment Options

Executive Coaching
This track is for business owners and administrators or staff at Universities or organizations in need of a conversation partner.

Personal Coaching
This track is typically crisis-based. During a temporary crisis, I will help you develop a strategy that carefully helps you manage your responsibilities, resolve conflicts, and plan future procedures and plan of actions.

Monthly Session*
Strategic Planning (Track-based)
Intimate Results Driven Coaching
Weekly Action Plan + Goal Tracker
Group Messaging with Signal Secure Messaging

​190** | billed monthly
*Individual Session is scheduled for the 2nd or 4th Wednesday of every month
**PayPal or Invoice Payment Options